The hubby and I drove over to BC Canada to spend Christmas with his Dad and girlfriend. We had a great drive over/down. We took 5 days and goofed off here and there. The drive back was a power trip though; we drove straight back in approximately 45 hours.

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This is just some of the wildlife that we saw along the way. The drive was like driving through an open zoo.
Stone Mountain Sheep
My step-brother-in-law who I finally met after 20 plus years, and his family. Their little boy was adorable!
Lazy Bums
Long drive from Seattle.
The tree was rigged to play Christmas tunes!
HUGE woodpecker in Diane's backyard!
My brother-in-law & his wife, from Alberta.
My step-sister-in-law chattin with hubby.
Our great nephew with hubby. He's such a cutie!
Here's how to watch a DVD.. Small screen for a little guy & large screen to catch the action clips.
When the movie gets intense, find a buddy to watch it with.
Niece and nephew from Alberta.. showing the love!
Proud Grandma with the newest addition to the family.
Great nephew with his Mom. They are from Alaska also.
Our great nieces and nephews. Little guy is with his dad. These are all my sister-in-laws grand babies.
My sister-in-law and her boyfriend.
First Generation,
Fourth Generation.
My father-in-law & his girlfriend. Wonderful people!
The girls got make up kits for Christmas. They gave free make-overs.
There were so many of us, the diningroom table continued to the livingroom.
The kids were great about keeping themselves entertained while waiting for dinner.
Complimentary after-dinner hair-dos.
After 2 girls, our niece finally had a boy!
Me with Dad & Diane.
I forgot what Christmas could be like with a bunch of little ones about.
Winding down with full tummies after a busy day.
When you get the family together, you know that photo time is apt to happen.
More family photos.
Who, me?