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We stayed at the Fairmount Hotel on the waterfront. What an awesome place! In everyway, there service was perfect. The vase of flowers was in the lobby as you entered and kept fresh. Next are the three people that are closest to my heart, other than my kids. My hubby, his father and his father's wonderful lady!
Our first afternoon there we met in Dad's room which had a nice view in one direction. Then after dinner we went to our room for toddies where we had another nice view in the other direction. Both rooms were up on the 21st floor and very nice!
Our first night we ate at the restaurant across the road from the Hotel. It was nice and looked out over the port. The next two pictures are of the port at night, just outside, left of the restaurant.
Pic 1 is of the Trade Center at night, kitty corner to the restaurant and kitty corner the other way of the Hotel. Then back to our room to end the night. And what did my hubby have for breakfast the first morning there? Pizza of course! hahaha
Diane tried to see if a hot tub and a bottle of wine would help after a 3 to 4 hour walk that her and Dad did through Stanley Park. They were killing time while my hubby and I were at our first NHL game! The wine didn't work, but we drug Diane out for a walk to go eat anyway. What a trooper! We ate at the Brewing Company
or Steam Works (something like that)..neat place!
These were the gas stations for the boats in the port. Pic 2 is of the Trade Center, early evening. This is where the conference was held that my hubby was attending. Pic 3 is of a fountain in the middle of one of the malls I visited (Pacific Center). Pic 4 is of my favorite building down town. You could see it from Dad's window. Later I saw it when my hubby and I were walking the Water Front at night. The whole top section stays lit up. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera along.
Pic 1 is of a building that my hubby spoted and remarked on it's odd shape. I didn't realize how odd until I walked the Water Front during the day. The other pics are scenery around us near the Hotel.
I can only image how the city would look in another month. There were flowers everywhere. Pic 2 is a card from Joe Fortes, the best resaurant where I have ever had oysters! Hmmmmmm, I can still taste them. We talked with the manager for a while. Him and the bartender made our night a very pleasant one. Pic 3 is my pride and possession....ticket stub from my first life NHL game!! Last pic is of my good looking hubby. I think we might have been on our way to the airport to head home.