Here's my gorgeous son. He's very athletic and enjoys doing just about everything that has to do with the outdoors. His idea of the computer and the internet are strickly for chatting to his friends and surfing for new toys (big boy toys). Kristopher has done a fair share of skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX stunts and now makes use of his time with just snowmachining. He can ride a snowmachine better than just about any adult I have ever seen, excluding his Dad. He was one heck of a hockey goal tender before he quit. Kristopher has quite the personality of a great comedian as you will see from some of his photos.

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Kristopher with his big
sis on their first vacation
in Canada.

Kristopher's cousin Kim,
close in age, is climbing
all over him.

He could not quite sit up
by himself without the
support of the pillows.

Only thing to say about
this picture is he won't be
happy to see it on the net.

Home made 'funbox'
for skateboarding stunts.

Skateboard park in
Girdwood, Alaska.

First time shooting.

Snowboarders, eat
your hearts out.

Playing nurse to a good
friend with Cousin Kim's
stuff during her hospital

Laziness always seems
to attract the animals.
They don't complain.

Kristopher always trys
to play tough guy, but
we know better.

Big softy...
leave my cat alone.
The last 3 photos are special to me. Kristopher's
second cousin came to visit and Kristopher became
his idol because he was a "hockey player". Kristopher
made me proud with the patience and care that he
showed towards his cousin.