Meet the furry side of the family. Max is not with us anymore. He had to leave us at the age of 14. Hozer is Chow/Shepard, one of the coolest dogs. He's famous for chasing his tail and barking the whole time. Willie showed up on our doorstep the day my Dad died and would not go away, so he's named after my dad. Frazzel lives well to her name. She's an obnoxious iguana. Snoopy was the newest member until Annie came along a year later. Snoopy's our little Princess. Annie is our ungraceful Scruff McGruff. But boy do those two have some moves when they start to play!

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Hozer & Snoopy

Head Cat


Willie & Max



Favorite Spot

Favorite Spot

Guard Dog

Tug'A War


Nap Time

Nap TIme

Nap Time

Nap Time


Tug'A War

Or Nap Time?


Desk? Where?

Office Cat

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