Hiyya, I'm Deb aka Moon7sun. And this is our dog Hozer. I'm 40+ years old, and live in Alaska. We live on the Kenai Peninsula. I am a web designer/Mom/wife. I work hourly also at a local Fred Meyers in the Nutrition Center. I love my job, thanks Freddy's! I am married to a man who I have been with for over 25 years. He is my bestfriend and I would be lost without him. We have two adult kids, a son and a daughter.
I enjoy snowmachines in the winter, and my newest past-time..... riding my Harley in the summer. Other things that I really like that I don't seem to do enough of anymore are bicycle riding with the tunes plugged into my ears and weight lifting. An ever growing passion of mine is body tattoos, which my nick is a result of. I love hockey and I love hockey, and oh, I do love hockey! I love beer & tequila! My favorite colors are red and purple. When I was little, my plans were to have a purple car, a purple house and purple dishes. And at that time I called myself Janet-Janet-Jones, haha. Well, all I have is a stuffed purple dog that I won in 2nd grade (named it lucky purple) and my name is still Deb.

This is a favorite site of mine: