Thank you for looking at this site. Kelli is a REAL good friend of mine. This site is a dedication
to Kelli in memory of her husband Odman. We lost Odman to an avalanche on April 3rd of 1999.
Odman was my husband's bestfriend and I worked with Kelli but only knew her as an acquatance.
I was quite shocked to find out they were dating, not knowing that they had known each other
way longer than I had known either of them. I use to tease Odman that he could not date another gal
if she didn't meet my approval. Well, needless to say, he listened to me as well as my kids do.
So to that, I had told him, "You are just lucky that I like Kelli!" He just laughed. But he did
make sure he called me AS SOON as they had decided to get married. The shock came when he told
me that they wanted my hubby to marry them. My hubby was quite shocked also and being extremely
shy of crowds, he was very reluctant but did it with pride. Their reason was because of the
close friendship between Odmand and my hubby and because they thought my hubby and I had a
very good and strong marriage. They wanted to have the same. And they did. They got along so well,
missed each other when apart, played practical jokes on each other regularly. It was so good to
see Odman REALLY happy with a women. Mine and Kelli's friendship didn't bloom till Odman's death. I
am not the type of person to give of my time so freely and trust was lost to others a long time back.
But I knew that I needed to help her through her great loss, if not only for her, but for Odman also.
Soon I found myself in my own tragedies and she was always right by my side or on the other end
of the phone, just to be there for me. I have never had a true friend like this and it is definetly
a treasure that no one can remove from my heart. So please, view these pictures by clicking on the
thumb nails. The actual pictures are narrated by how I view them so sit back and enjoy them and
sign the guestbook for Kelli.

Odman and Kelli were married July 4th of 1998, the day after I buried my mother.
One day a life was sent away and the next day a life began...

Please click here to visit the site that my husband had created in memory of Odman, just after his death.
The music on this page was borrowed from that site, it was a special song to Odman and Kelli.