Ok..... I know that alot of my internet friends will probably be stopping by to visit and will be wondering what the heck is "garage sale 6"! hehe Let me explain...
This photo page was pretty much put together for the benefit of the family. I think you would have to know this crazy family to appreciate the photos. Our parents have both passed away leaving their business (The Hutch B&B) to 2 out of the 8 remaining children. The other six were left an inheritance and the responsibility of taking care of the items that the family did not need or want. One of us 6 took control and organized us to get this task completed (thanks heaps Teresa, you are our rock and don't even know it!). During the organizing of us misfit 6, we took on the title of "the garage sale 6", and there you have it. We went all through the remaining stuff, loaded it, and Teresa and the crew she put together carted it all to her house where her drag racing husband pulled his race cars out of his beautiful garage and let us utilize it for a weekend. Thanks Ron and Teresa, this was probably our last chance at attempting a family get together since pulling Billy away from his horses and South Dakota is like pulling teeth from an alligator!
To the rest of you... "I love you man!".

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Sister Stephanie and her hubby Glenn are not part of the garage sale 6 due to ownership in the business but they opened the doors and helped us out. Later at dinner time, they opened their home to everyone involved. Thanks Glenn and Steph!
These first 3 photos are taken in Steph and Glenn's home that they are building on the lot just behind The Hutch. Sisters and brothers left to right: Stephanie, Christine, Shawn and Billy in the front. Steph is one of the owners of The Hutch. The kids added are Steph's.
Shawn with his good friend Johnny Flash. Flash plays a mean guitar!

Johnny, I think Shawn has missed you? No scooby kisses please!

The innocent side of my niece and her fiancÚ who came to help.

The real side of my niece and her fiancÚ? Thanks for your help though!

Auctioning off Billy's graduation pic that he left behind. We made no money..

Our brother Billy flew up from South Dakota.

Sister Teresa and her hubby Ron.

Come on Grampa, I wanna play basketball!

Thanks Grampa!

Shawn's fiancÚ left of our brother Stephan.

(My son) Let's see... how can I get that bag of chips?

Stephan, Stephanie and Teresa.

Christine's hubby Phil, "Help, my drink's empty"!

Score! Kris doesn't give hugs often.

The truck bed boogie!

Oh sure, laugh, you ate all the chips...
*Please make notice in the picure of my son trying to figure how he can get the chips away from his Uncle Billy;
doesn't it look like my niece Tina (Teresa's oldest daughter) has her hand on her Uncle Phil's butt? ROFL!