Here is my beautiful daughter. Her talents range from drawing, writing, web design and building to pro couch potato, hehe. Below are miscellaneous photos of her and links to her drawings and web site so you can view her wonderful work.

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The first photo is of Amanda and one of her bestfriends from the town we moved away from (wasilla).
Amanda is helping with a fashion show, modeling some Wal-mart fashions and accessories.
Amanda and the three girls to her left were and still are good friends, attending a school dance in Wasilla.
Amanda - Sweet 16! Sharing the day with her cousin Kimberly.

Sweet 16 with Mom and Dad. We just love this kid!

Here you see "DJ Freaky Chik". Amanda was a disc-jockey for her highschool. radio show
Trying a hand at horseback riding.

The artist at work and the out-come of our Halloween Pumpkin, the year of 2001. This just shows you a small example of Amanda's artistic talents. She's unbelievable!

Here Amanda is showing her goofy side. You see this whenever she is tired or her cousins pop in for a visit.
Skyview HS Senior Prom 2002.

Skyview HS Battle of the Books Club 2001.

Getting ready for the Wasilla HS Senior Prom 2002.

Amanda and Tanya.
Very close friends!

18th Birthday!
Class 2002 - Skyview High School.
Woohoo! Fianlly graduating from high school. Twelve years sure is a long time!
May 20th, 2002.

There was only one way to keep the candles lit long enough to sing "Happy Birthday"...
Finally! The candles are lit and blown out. Time for gifts!