This is one site that I have been wanting and planning on doing for a long time. Mishaps just kinda steered me away from getting it done. I have seen a lot of sites done like this and just recently saw one that was so sweet, it inspired me to finally get this done.
I have no special poem, just the feeling in my heart. The day we met, you took my breath away. I mean, geeez, I almost spilled my beer, hehe. No, seriously, if I knew where that day would have led, I think I would have been scared to let it take itís course. But through the course, I have gained the bestfriend that has completed my life.
If I never gain or accomplish anything more, I know I have what I need to fill my life. You make me laugh with your silly humor. You make me cry when you do thoughtful things for no reason. When I am with you, I am never lonely. When we are apart, I feel a great loss.
We have been together for over 20 years and you still make me feel special. After all these years, you are still the one I want to cuddle with
(nice butt dude, oh, oops, got lost in my thoughts).
Thank you for all that you have given me and being my strong wall through some of the tough times that I have had to withstand. Thank you for loving my parents as much as I do. Thank you for the two wonderful kids that you have given me. And that takes me to another thanks...thanks for helping me through the tougher times of parenthood (Iím sure there are lots more to come).
All in all Kerry, I love you so very much and still lust the hell out of ya! You are my bestfriend and I wish all people could have the feeling inside about their partners like I do everytime I think of you. I wish everyone had someone to spend time with and enjoy it as much as I do.

I love you Kerry !!!!