The week of the 4th of July is a hard week to persoanlly appreciate. We buried our Mother on the 3rd to join my hubby's bestfriend in marriage the day after - only to lose him in an avalanche less than a year later. A few days after the 4th marks the loss of our nephew to a drunk driver while on duty with the Anchorage Police Department, leaving my young neice a widow with a young daughter. It is difficult to turn the sad memories into thoughts of things to be thankful for. This year my sister (whose daughter lost her husband at such an early age) came to visit with her husband and granddaughter. This was the best 4th of July holiday that I have had for 3 years! Thank you Christine! I had a blast!

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This here is my neice's I must be getting old. She lit up the whole weekend. There is nothing like innocent life enjoying life to brighten up the soul. Ahh, life is good.
These bunny photos are taken at the B&B that my parents founded (The Hutch). Baby bunnies are being let out of the cages that were holding them until they were accustomed to the area.
The lady is my sis Christine. She is the oldest out of all nine of us. The guy in the background is my brother-in-law Glenn (one of the owners of the B&B now) and my savior. He fixes the things that break while my hubby is gone. Thanks Glenn! Love you man!
This is my neice Kim. The neat thing about this photo is the last photo I took of her just before the accident that left her in a wheelchair was of her standing in just about the same spot, holding a bunny.

This here is another neice of mine (yup, I got lots!) Meet Caitlin and her mother Steph who is another sister of mine. Steph is my little sis. She is married to Glenn. To the right is Steph posing with the mountain view in the background..

Glenn is building this place for his family.
Kristin decided that this rock was her stage. She gave us a wonderful show of stories and sung us bible songs.
Her audience, Christine and her husband Phil.
Christine and Phil are Kristin's grandparents.
The weekend is over.
Christine and I didn't let the weekend end without a visit to our parent's and brother's grave sites which are located next to each other on the mountain side. Christine brought US flags to leave on their graves.